Fruits & Vegetable Juices

Juices of Fruits & Vegetables are:

  • BITTER GOURD (KARELA): A glass of bitter gourd juice taken on any empty stomach is a sure beneficial remedy for jaundice.
    They are excellent as an appetizer and cure for cough, windiness, blood impurity fever, worms, bile anaemia and leucoderma. It relieves the burning in the kidneys. It dissolves kidney stone
  • CABBAGE: Kindles gastric fire, good for the heart. To some extent it produces windiness. It is useful in cough. It is useful only when taken in juice form. Cabbage contains a new vitamin, which cures gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • TOMATOES:The Tomato is rich in vitamin C. It is a very good food for diabetic patients and for those who want to reduce their body weight.
    Tomato juice cleanses the stomach and intestines it is also useful in Kidney disorders. It removes indigestion, gas and constipation. As the iron of the Tomato is easily digestible, it is completely absorbed in the body. Hence tomato juice is very important for anemic patients
  • CARROT: Carrots eaten by chewing strengthen the teeth. Grated carrots mixed with salt have beneficial efforts on eczema. Carrots are an excellent food for maintaining health of the eyes. Carrot juice eliminated unwanted uric acid from the blood and is, therefore very helpful for out patients. It is regarded as a remedy for gallstone troubles, liver diseases, tuberculosis and scanty menstruation
  • MELON: Melon is either muskmelon or watermelon. Both Melons are cool and diuretic. It quenches thirst, has a cooling property, and soothes burning sensation in the stomach. It also has a properly for curing constipation. Since melon Juice can promote cough, one who suffers from asthma and cold should use it discreetly.
  • GRAPES: Grapes are very good for relieving constipation. They give relief in piles. Taking grape juice for a few days removes undesirable heat from the body as the blood is cleansed and cooled.
  • LEMON: Lemon juice is a powerful anti-bacterial. The bacteria of malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases are destroyed by taking lemon juice.
    The body is well cleansed if lemon juice mixed with cold water and honey is taken on an empty stomach early in morning. Warm water may be used occasionally to get relieved of constipation.
    Lemon juice gives good relief in fever lemon acts as a sedative for the nerves. And the heart. It prevents vomiting and helps to cure hepatitis and other innumerable diseases.